Blowin’ In The Wind

My 15 year dropped out of highschool.  They waited two months to tell me.

I guess all those times I asked him how his day was going or how are they were feeling fell upon deaf ears.

I don’t know what they were expecting from me.  Did they want to me run over and kick his mother’s front door in?  Did they want me to tell them good luck and then cut them from my life?

They told their mother that they didn’t want to go to school and that she was to go and make it happen.  She convinced her doctor that our 15 year old child was under too much stress.  She convinced the flying monkeys that they were suffering from depression and anxiety. She is putting them on who know’s what kind of medication and she claims to love them?

Ignorance breeds ignorance.

I remain hopeful.

Now if you will excuse me I have to help and find an invisible 12 year old.  Teach responsibility and accountability to a 13 year old and continue building bridges with the 7 year old.

Learning by Example.

What was she supposed to do?  Throw me over her shoulder and drag me to school.

I told her to do it and she did it.  She had no choice.

— My 15 Year Old

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