Here Comes The Sun…

Dear Wounded Beast, Is the Grammar new? The logic foreign? Your rhetoric fails to inspire. Learning by Example Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic. -- Norman Cousins


Fully Completely

Dear Son, I honestly and truly hope that you are happy; unfortunately, I can no longer afford the price you demand for my attention. I will no longer fight or perform for your pleasure or amusement. Not with you. Not with The Wretched Thing. Not with myself. It is time for you to deal with …

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Psalm 69

There are nights like these... Necessity dictates my actions this night... Now if you'll excuse me...I'll be in the gym... ...Learning by Example! Save me, O God!For the waters have come up to my[b]neck.2 I sink in deep mire,Where there is no standing;I have come into deep waters,Where the floods overflow me.(Psalm 69:1-2)