I woke up this morning

Dear Phoenix, Rise from the ashes and soar! And may your flames scorch the earth and cleanse your demons! Let your enemies feast upon their own charred flesh... And remember... If ever your path should falter... Just ask... I know a thing or two about moving mountains... Signed "WorldBreaker" Learning By Example I didn't come …

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Tin Man

Dear Black-bolt, I didn't come here to hear you whisper... I remember when running the 100 meter felt like an up-hill marathon... Slow off the line...struggling for every breath...grateful for every step forward... thankful for being alive...enjoying the freedom of my solitude! Learning. Growing stronger with every step that I took!!! Every challenge that I …

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Psalm 69

There are nights like these... Necessity dictates my actions this night... Now if you'll excuse me...I'll be in the gym... ...Learning by Example! Save me, O God!For the waters have come up to my[b]neck.2 I sink in deep mire,Where there is no standing;I have come into deep waters,Where the floods overflow me.(Psalm 69:1-2)