I can see for miles…

I can see the invisible one…she stands in the shadows…lurking…

I can hear her quiet, pleading whispers!

What happens if you speak?  Does she take you to her empty place?  Make you watch while she fills you with guilt? Choking you with her empty threats and vague promises of greener pastures?

She dare not send you into exile…Do you babysit the Hag?

Look upon the wounded beast…a whimpering fool…he drowns under the weight of her admiration…choked…I’ve left it…for now…in check…I planted doubt!

Be weary of the wretched thing…gift’s on her birthday are never worth the price you pay…

Stand strong. Be patient. The game is early…

Allies need vetting!

I send the The Matriarch…

She will send her crows…

Learning by Example

Who’s a boy gonna talk to if not his mother?

— Donald E. Westlake

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